Music Promotion Hub Announces Availability Of Special Online Music Promotion Services On Discount

Music Promotion Hub, an online music promotion company based in New York, United States, has today announced the launch of several new music promotion services at special prices for the summer of 2015. The company has been providing excellent music promotional services since its inception in 2013 and is now pleased to offer special promotional services to its ever-increasing clients as a summer offer.

Company Head, Martin, explains “Our company has grown at a very fast pace owing to the rising trend and demand of online music promotion on digital audio/video platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud, etc. The number of our clients and returning customers has increased manifold in recent times and we are excited to offer our musician clients with exclusive promotional services this summer at special discounted rates. Because music knows no bounds and we are there to share and promote music to the world.”

Sites like SoundCloud, MixCloud, etc. are very popular among not just musicians but the radical youth and even older generations of music aficionados these days. These websites have amassed millions of musicians, both professional and amateur artists, putting up their music and new releases, thereby becoming extremely common social networks for music to gain reach. And where there is potential to gain reach, you cannot let it go.

We can as well say that social media’s importance is often underestimated because many people take it as just a virtual world for their free-time. They probably don’t realize that by discovering and listening to a song on SoundCloud during their leisure time benefits the song’s artist as the artist has just received a new listener and probably a new fan! Social media, at the moment, is one of the most powerful promotional media for businesses and musicians. More and more people are realizing this fact very fast and have therefore started buying online music promotional services.

Simply setting up an account and uploading music will be a long way to go before you gain a significant amount of followers and plays on your tracks. To expedite the process, many resort to buy SoundCloud plays, MixCloud plays and YouTube views. At first, it may sound unethical but it has proved to be much more valuable and useful in the long run for a musician. It is just a smart marketing strategy. Once you buy plays and followers for your soundtracks and videos, they get heavily promoted by a method targeted specifically to market social media profiles for gaining better reach and influence.

Moreover, there’s nothing at all to worry about shelling out. It’s a very small investment as compared to the massively huge sum industry people shell out. Above that, is now giving away services at even cheaper rates. So if you are a musician and were unaware of the current hot marketing scheme adapted by artists to generate a steady flow of listeners, followers and fans, you might want to check out Music Promotion Hub’s website this summer.

Marketing Head, Thomas, remarks, “The constant drift of audience and plays on your tracks also helps you boost traffic to your personal profiles and websites as long as you do it right! Clients are advised to post engaging content around the time they buy plays, comments, followers, etc. so that they make the most of the promotional service. At Music Promotion Hub, we make your goal as ours and intend to meet it the best way possible. We make sure you get the best service out of your investment in the shortest possible time.”